Kingo root 4.8/2.8.1


Though you can backup apps or games on your device easily without rooting, you cannot back up the data app is using. It means that whenever you restore the apps from the backup, it is the same as installing from Google Play. After rooting with KingRoot, you can also back up the data from the apps. It means after restoring the app, you will completely get exact same app at exact the same condition along with your settings, login details, etc. This kind of backup is much more useful than the normal backup and is much easier and faster.

How to completely backup apps and games after rooting?

After rooting with KingRoot, you can download Titanium Backup on your device from Google Play Store. Titanium Backup is an amazing tool that helps you to backup apps and games along with their data.

To backup and restore with Titanium Backup, follow the following steps:

  1. Download Titanium Backup from Google Play.
  2. Install it and grant root access.
  3. Now tap on Backup/restore tab on top of it.
  4. Tap on the app you want and on the following screen tap on backup.
  5. Wait some seconds and you are done.
  6. You can either restore the app only or data only or both apps and data at once.
  7. To restore any app/data, tap on the app. You can see a restore option, tap on it.
  8. You will be then requested to choose Data Only/App Only/ App+Data. Choose any of the option and you are done.


The following guide is about KingRoot for android, If you want to use KingRoot for PC please .


  • Open the APK file with your default file manager.
  • If your device displays “Installation Blocked” or something like this message then Go To Setting > Security > and there you can tick the “Unknown sources” box.
  • Now, open the app.
  • In the window, it will show you “Start root” or “Fix Now”.
  • Tap on Fix Now and wait some time. It takes time to root your device.
  • If your device is compatible, it will finish rooting after a few minutes. If rooted successfully, you will see a “rooted” screen which means your device has been successfully rooted. Congrats!!!!!! You can now enjoy all features of rooting your android.
  • To become more sure, you can go to google play, search and download the Root Checker app to Check if the Root is successful. You are always welcome to share your experience or errors in our comment box. If you are still confused, you can view screenshots at the end of this page.

Unique Features Of KingRoot: –

  • Most popular and most downloaded One-click root tool for android.
  • Also, the most trusted tool.
  • Supports the highest number of devices than any other similar tool. KingRoot supports a total of 104136 models. Other apps are not even close.
  • Frequently Updated: KingRoot is updated frequently to support new models and add different features to previous versions.
  • 98.2% Success rate: KingRoot has rooted 98.2% of the total devices that downloaded it and tried to root their device. This is the highest success rate in the industry.

How to Root Android using Kingo Root

Rooting Android is much more simpler than you think. It is because there is nothing to do after installing Kingo root tool on your Android. Only thing you have to do is to press a button to start rooting process. No need of a PC to root Android. Kingoroot is a one click Android root tool. Therefore you may need only a Android phone or tablet to root. Here I will describe the process of rooting from the point of download.

Step 1:

Download Kingoroot app from here.

Step 2: 

Click on downloaded file from notifications or using the browser you used to download kingoroot apk.

Step 3:

If you receive “Install Blocked”  message you have to enable “Unknown Sources” option from settings. For more information on enabling it please refer below picture guide.

First tap on “settings” button on “Install Blocked” message. Then you will redirect to settings. From the menu appear find “Unknown Sources” and enable it.  After enabling it you will automatically redirect to kingo root installation.

Step 4: 

Once installation complete open kingoroot app.  You will see blue color button “One Click Root”.  Click on that button to start rooting process. Normally rooting process will take some time. It may some time include several reboots. All you have to do is waiting. All the harder procedures are automated. At end you can see Root success message.

Step 5:

Enjoy millions of free apps.

Things to do before root

Before you start to root there are some precautions to be taken. Following below mentioned steps will reduce the risk of rooting your Android. Rooting is always a risky process. Therefore first of all you should protect your data. I mean photos, videos, e-books, contacts, songs and etc. You can protect them by either choosing cloud black method or by making a complete backup to PC using ADB tool or using Syncdroid tool. If you are familiar with adb tool of google you can choose option 1 else you can go for Syncdroid. Syncdroid is windows only.

What is the next thing. Make sure to charge your phone. You should charge your phone at lease 50%. Because rooting on some devices will take sometime. Therefore make sure to charge your device. If your battery dies in the middle of rooting, there is a big chance of bricking your device.

Make sure to have good internet connection. Rooting tools required internet connection to download required files. Downloaded files will be differ from device to device, Android version to version and etc. At first rooting tools will analyze your device and find the best rooting mechanism. After that required files will be downloaded for rooting your Android.



When you purchase an android device, it comes with a number of apps that you may need or maybe completely useless. They occupy a lot of storage in your device and cannot be uninstalled. These apps are called Bloatware.  As mentioned already, you cannot remove these apps in normal conditions. This is the situation where you need to root your android.

By removing Bloatware, you can save a lot of system memory which is crucial for any device. Moreover, these apps may run on the background and use your battery and RAM. So removing the may increase your battery life and make your device faster and more efficient by freeing more RAM.

How to Remove Bloatware?

Warning: Some of the apps, though you never use, may be required for the proper functioning of your device. We recommend you to backup your apps with Titanium Backup before uninstalling any system app.


After you root your android, download Titanium Backup or any of the system app remover application from Google play store. If you download Titanium Backup, open it, wait for apps to load and tap the app you want and tap uninstall. BOOM! You are done.

Особенности Kingo Root

Если все прошло, как надо, вместе с рут-правами на ваш смартфон будет установлена утилита Kingo SuperUser, облегчающая управление джейлбрейком. Кроме того, что она обеспечит гибкое управление уровнем безопасности и установленными на гаджет приложениями, с ее помощью можно также полностью удалить root-привилегии, если вам нужно нести смартфон в сервисный центр по гарантии.

Интерфейс утилиты Kingo SuperUser, устанавливаемой вместе с рутом

Еще одна программа в довесок – это Xmodgames. Для успешной работы с корневыми процессами ее наличие не обязательно, поэтому после джейлбрейка ее можно попросту удалить.

Резюме. Рутирование является рискованной процедурой. В результате взлома устройства с правами суперпользователя может произойти кража IMEI или проникновение вируса, поэтому все действия вы осуществляете на свой страх и риск

Перед получением root-прав обязательно сделайте бэкап всей важной для вас информации (контактов, заметок, SMS, браузерных закладок). Использование программы Kingo Root было протестировано автором данной статьи и никаких неполадок в работе устройства при этом обнаружено не было

Why Root Android

There are advantages and disadvantages of Rooting. But there are more advantages you may get after rooting. That’s why more and more people are attracted to rooting Android.

Advantages of Rooting

#1 – Install incompatible apps

You know that some apps are block by carrier. You can install any app without any barrier after rooting.

#2 – Get latest Android version before everyone else.

If you manufacture stop providing updates or newer version of Android does not available for your Android phone. Don’t worry. After rooting you can install latest version Android OS even it is not released by manufacture. There are lots of custom ROM providers.

#3 – Automate everything.

Tasker, the awesome app that automates just about anything on your phone. You can use that app without rooting. But if you’re rooted, it can do a whole lot more.

#4 – Boost your phone speed and battery life.

Using apps like setCPU you overclock CPU for better performance or under clock it to save battery life. You can also use an app like Greenify to automatically hibernate apps you aren’t using. Remember those apps require root access.

#5 – Block all annoying ads.

You can use apps like adaway to remove all annoying ads.

#6 – Remove Preinstalled Crapware

You can uninstall annoying, battery-draining, space-wasting crapware that comes preinstalled on so many phones these days using Titanium Backup app. For that Titanium app requires root access.

There are lot more untold advantages like flashing custom kernel and more.

Ответ — Вопрос

У меня Nomi i503 и я хотел рут права, решил установить с помощью Кинго Рут. После установки рут телефон не включался, вообщем состояние кирпич. Перепрошил и после подключения к интернету устанавливается приложение phone. Его можно удалить, но при подключении к интернету все равно качает и устанавливает. Все антивирусники перепробовал, и ничего не помогает. При подключении к интернету все равно качает и устанавливает. 

Перепрошивал, делал сброс настроек, форматировал флешку и ничего не помогло. Когда оно включается, телефон просто зависает, но при нажатии кнопки Home оно сворачивается. Помогите решить проблему после установки Кинго Рут на Андроид.

Ответ. Большой вопрос, откуда вы скачивали Кинго Рут. Возможно, вам досталась модифицированная версия рут-приложения. Для ограничения прав доступа приложения Phone установите Advanced Permission Manager и урежьте все возможные права приложениям KingRoot и Phone. 

В крайнем случае, должна помочь установка кастомной прошивки с вайпом внутренней памяти телефона. Но это опасный трюк. 

Установил Кинго Рут для Андроид. Правда, получилось только скачать программу Kingo Root и установить на телефон через ПК. Получил рут доступ, вроде всё отлично, но!! Не удаляет предустановленные системные приложения! Прикладные мобильные приложения удаляет просто. Я на своём первом телефоне установил эту же прогу рутирования, всё прошло отлично и всё что надо удаляется просто! 

У меня планшет irbis tz70, я его рутировала Кинг Рут. с помощью программы удаляла системные приложения, несколько раз делала сброс настроек. После нескольких таких операций, планшет перестал восстанавливать прежнюю версию, оставляя после перезагрузки все по старому. В рекавери он не заходит, просто перезагружается и всё, как и через настройки. Всё бы ничего, но планшет тупит просто кошмар. Рут прога kingo root системные приложения видит, но восстановить их не может. Скачала CWM, но и с ним в рекавери не попасть. Подскажите можно ли как то своими силами это исправить, восстановить системные приложения? Если да, то как?

Ответ. Попробуйте скачать последнюю Кинго Рут и получить рут-права еще раз. 

Вам нужно обратиться на форум 4pda (страничка с темой «Обсуждение Irbis TZ70»). Здесь вам точно помогут. Общий совет такой: полностью обновить прошивку, с вайпом памяти телефона. Предупреждаем, что процедура эта небезопасная и повлечет за собой удаление пользовательских данных. Возможно, перед этим вам нужно будет установить кастом рекавери. В общем, пройдите по вышеупомянутой ссылке, посмотрите, что выложено в шапке темы форума, сталкивались ли пользователи с подобной проблемой использования кинго рут.    

Установил SuperSU на Android, проверил Root Checker, права есть. Открываю приложение, «Приложения не настроены», в логах только root checker. Ждал – никаких запросов на предоставление прав не появились. Я хочу перенести несколько программ на SD карту, несколько удалить. На все требуются права. Что делать?

Ответ. Для переноса или удаления стандартных приложений не нужны root-права. Для более специфических задач, связанных с деинсталляцией или переносом приложений на sd карту советуем установить Framaroot или Kingo Root в связке с приложениями деинсталляторами для Андроид вроде CleanMaster.


Whenever you play any game or use any app there will be annoying ads waiting for you that hamper your experience. Though these ads are the reason we are able to use hundreds of thousands of amazing free apps, there are many developers who are going too far. Many apps show intrusive ads and pop-ups or ads on notification even when we are not using them which is very frustrating and sometimes they also install malware.


Your phone is doing many tasks than you can possibly think about. Unless you turn off your device, your device must work constantly each second for proper functioning such as it should continuously receive mobile signal, display time, run many background processes, etc. It is not a surprise that the battery drains too fast or at least faster than you’d expect. Though in normal condition the only solution to this is recharging the battery or carrying Battery pack, with rooted android, you have some options to improve battery life.

How to improve battery life on android with KingRoot?

To improve battery life on your rooted android, you can use apps like Greenify, Amplify Battery Extender which will work only after rooting with KingRoot. You can also save battery by removing Bloatware as discussed before. Greenify improves battery life and improves the efficiency of your android by putting apps, that use a lot of resources, on Hibernate mode. Hibernating is the method where any app becomes idle when you are not using it. It means that your user experience is not hampered or you won’t feel any difference in using any app but improves battery life.

Amplify Battery extender also works in the same way. It detects the app using a lot of CPU and GPU on the background and restricts them. Since most of the battery is lost on maintaining those resource-hungry apps, you will feel a great improvement in your battery life.


Some users ask questions like why does KingRoot has a PC version when there is an independent android version that can root android without PC? This seems to be somehow logical but the PC version is also a useful PC version of KingRoot supports way more devices than the android version.

Please Read our Post about KingRoot for PC:

FAQs: –


In every case, whether it is android, web hosting or any other similar activities, root access means access to the core part of the system. It means if you gain root access to any system, you can do anything you want to do with that system.

For example, in this site, all you can do is view posts and comment on it, you cannot edit posts and delete them because you don’t have root access to my server. This is similar to android, in android all you can do is install and delete ONLY the apps you downloaded from play store and view only the data, files and folders that android allows you to. But, if you gained root access you can delete any app you want, and view hidden files and folders. Also, you can install many kinds of apps that provide amazing features such as Titanium backup, link2sd, Greenify, etc, which you can’t install on unrooted devices.


Ans. Yes, your warranty will be continued because they won’t know that you have rooted before.


Ans. It is up to you to decide. Actually, few people brick their device during rooting and now you can also root your device with a 100% safe method. So I think there is not much to worry about, but if you fear so much, please google whether people got an error while rooting the device you are using.


Ans. Kingroot doesn’t support all the models but definitely it supports most of them. Kingroot supports the highest number of devices than that of other android rooting tools.

Q: Why KingRoot cannot be removed?A: This situation always happened on some devices with system protection mechanisms such as SONY, HUAWEI and so on. Sometimes, the root strategy only can close these system protection mechanisms temporarily during the root process. That’s why KingRoot can be installed. However, after root finished or device reboot, the system protection mechanism will enable again. After that, the system cannot be mounted. That’s why KingRoot cannot be removed.

Q: What can I do if KingRoot cannot be removed?A: If you cannot remove KingRoot, please try to force stop KingRoot, clear data of it and root device with KingRoot again. Then unroot it immediately.

Q: HOW TO REMOVE KINGROOT?A: You can remove KingUser app without problem, just follow instructions below:1. Open KingUser and enter the “Settings” menu (top right of the home screen).2. Enter the “Root authorization setting ” (the second one).3. You can find the “Remove Root permission” option (the fourth one).4. Click it, and KingUser will be removed automatically.


A: Technically, using the KingRoot app to get root will not trip the Knox flag to 0x1.Unfortunately, we cannot test for all of you. All devices we hold have flashed ROM before.Attention please, when you use KingUser, it will remind you to close Knox, we can’t make sure what will happen if you close it because of the reason above.So, if somebody rooted by KingRoot and didn’t flash any third-party ROM, please post a result of the Knox flag here to let others know what happened.


KingRoot is the most popular and most downloaded one-click rooting tool for android. Though some people still fear it, rooting has become a common thing to most of the android users. Rooting allows you to enjoy the features which normal device users can’t even dream of. KingRoot has helped millions of users worldwide to get their device rooted. You can share your experience, issues, or any kind of questions in our comments section. We will be happy to help you and also try to help you as soon as possible.

KingRoot (authorization management), more than 150 million users recognized a key Root APP, it is a good helper management Root privileges, get Root support 103,790 mobile phones, use a full-featured Android, is so easy!

Thank you very much for visiting our site. If you rooted your device successfully, please don’t forget to share our site KingRoot Download on Facebook, Twitter or any social sites you follow.

Инструкция для Kingo Root для Андроид

  1. Заходим на официальную страничку проекта и скачиваем пакет для ОС Андроид.Скачать Кингорут
  2. Если вы скачивали пакет с сайта, используя ПК, копируем Kingo Root apk-файл на телефон любым удобным способом: через USB, по Wi-Fi, Bluetooth либо облако.
  3. Запускаем apk-файл с телефона, предварительно разрешив инсталляцию мобильных апплетов из неизвестных источников.
  4. Начинаем процедуру получения рут-прав, нажав кнопку “One Click Root”.
  5. Наблюдаем за выполнением пошаговой процедуры: установки веб-соединения через Кингрут, сопоставления root-скрипта с сохраненным в базе приложения, подготовки рабочей среды, запуска скрипта и установку прав суперпользователя.
  6. Проверяем результат операции.

Опция для разрешения установки апплетов неизвестного происхождения в КингрутИнтерфейс Kingo Root для АндроидСообщение об успешном джейлбрейкеРезультат неудачной процедуры получения прав суперпользователя через Кингрут


Android is always known for its customization and this is the most pronounced advantage of android over iOS. After rooting your device with KingRoot, you can reach newer heights of customization.

KingRoot uses advanced technology that allows you to root your phone and open it up to more possibilities. Since you are gaining root access, you have full administrative privileges in enhancing the way your phone looks and functions. In particular, you can install custom ROM to your Android device once you have rooted it. This modified and feature-rich version of the Android OS includes additional features, unique themes, and tweaks that all account for enhanced mobile device performance.CyanogenMod, for instance, is among the popular custom ROMs available for rooted phones, which offers interesting features including lock screen gestures, DSP equalizer, CPU overclock and underclocking, and a complete theme engine along with its very own theme store. Another excellent custom ROM you can find is Paranoid Android, which offers UI customization, floating notifications and multitasking, gesture controls and hidden navigation PIE mode. Keep in mind, though, that it only supports a limited number of Android devices including Oppo, OnePlusOne and Google Nexus.By rooting your phone, you can use an unreleased version of Android without any limitations. Customization is only possible with rooted phones considering have certain restrictions in terms of the availability of these newer versions to mobile devices. Hence, by using KingRoot, you have an opportunity to make your device more personalized for an enhanced browsing and overall user experience.


Once, you root your device, it is always possible to get it back to the original state. You can follow the easy steps described below:

  1. Install SuperSU app from the play store in case you were using other root managing tools.
  2. Open it and tap the settings menu.
  3. Scroll down to find “Full Unroot”, tap on it.
  4. Congrats, now your device is in the original state.

Инструкция для Kingo Root для Windows

  1. Заходим на официальный веб-сайт проекта и скачиваем программу Kingo Root для Виндовс.
  2. Запускаем setup-файл и инсталлируем Кингрут.
  3. Активируем на смартфоне/планшете режим отладки через соответствующую опцию в разделе меню «Для разработчиков».
  4. Подключаем мобильный девайс к компьютеру через USB-шнур и запускаем приложение.
  5. Подтверждаем доступ к цифровому отпечатку ключа, поставив галочку на всплывающей форме и подтвердив действие кнопкой ОК.
  6. Запускаем процесс рутирования, нажав кнопку Root в графическом окне на ПК.
  7. Ожидаем, пока все будет готово. Во время джейлбрейка устройство может несколько раз перезагружаться, так что не волнуйтесь, — все идет по плану.

Включение режима отладки в меню параметров девайса

> Подтверждение доступа к цифровому отпечатку ключа

Старт процедуры получения root-привилегийПроцесс рутирования

Этот метод является более надежным, в сравнении с тем, что проходит целиком на коммуникаторе. Из версии в версии разработчики оттачивают его, что заметно по частым обновлениям в истории основной ветки релизов апплета.

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